Win a Free Custom Made Website

Win a Free Custom Made Website

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****YOU NEED TO BE LOGGED IN, TO PARTICIPATE! IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT PLEASE SIGN UP TO JOIN THIS OFFER! ********************************************************************************* Movat Agency, is a leading edge website creation, marketing and advertising agency. We have developed or contributed to over 200 high profile websites worldwide for large scale brands and entities. With the vast amount of work being done behind the scenes we spend a lot of time managing our existing customer base, and very rarely advertise our business, as we already have a tremendous amount of projects. We found it necessary to give back to the community and are offering a contest for a free custom made website *Value Approx: $10,000* Exclusively here on Giveprove. In order to enter you must click "Apply" which sends you to a facebook profile to Lual Lual our marketing head. In a facebook message submit 1) Your Email, Full Name, City of residence and Phone number. 2) Your brand/stage/company name 3) Your occupation (Student, Musician, Small business owner etc) 4) What a professional website custom made for you would do for your brand or business. You can also send this in an email to us at GOOD LUCK!

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