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****YOU NEED TO BE LOGGED IN, TO PARTICIPATE! IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT PLEASE SIGN UP TO JOIN THIS OFFER! ********************************************************************************* Movat Agency, is a leading edge branding, marketing and advertising agency. We have developed many acts across multiple industries including comedians, actors, musicians, producers, fasion designers etc. With the importance social media has on reaching vast audiences, it is crucial for aspiring producers to have the platforms to get their brand and beats out. We expand your audience, and present opportunities for your career such as licensing deals. We are offering YOU as a producer a chance to receive our service for a year + $2,000 and a licensing deal for your music. This is a great opportunity which has led to drastic increases in Soundclick purchases and major label attention. *Value Approx: $20,000* Exclusively here on Giveprove. In order to enter you must be logged in then click "Apply" and which sends you to a facebook profile to Lual Lual our marketing head. In a facebook message submit 1) Your Email, Full Name, City of residence and Phone number. 2) Your brand/stage/company name 3) Your occupation (Student, Musician, Comedian, Model, Producer, fashion designer, Small business owner etc) 4) What this opportunity would mean for you. 5) A link to your music or soundclick channel. Once done come back to Giveprove and click "Join" on this offer. You can also send this in an email to us at GOOD LUCK!

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